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Welcome to the Band!

1st Claygate Members   1st Claygate Members


The 1st Claygate Scout & Guide Band is an activity of the 1st Claygate Scout Group and Claygate Girl Guides and is open to all members of either group from Cubs or Brownies upwards who are actively involved and regularly attend section meetings.

The band welcomes new members from total beginners through to accomplished players and has 3 sections to accommodate members of all abilities.


The band has a selection of instruments that can be loaned out to band members.


The band performs about 15 times per year and have a number of regular events in and around Claygate along with other one off events. Regular events include:

  • Spring Concert (Every 2 years it forms part of the Claygate Music Festival)

  • St Georges Day Parade

  • Band Inspection

  • 1st Claygate Scout Group Fun Day

  • Claygate Village Flower Show

  • Band Awards Evening

  • Claygate Remembrance Parade

  • Claygate Village Christmas Lights

  • Claygate Scouts & Guides Carol Concert

  • Claygate Village Carols on the Green

  • 1st Claygate Scout Group Carol Singing

One off events have included:

  • St Georges Day Parade - Dorking

  • Disneyland Paris Parade Kingston Borough Tattoo (2010, 2014)

  • Esher Christmas Lights

  • Claygate Street Party

  • 1st Claygate Scout Group Shows (2004, 2007, 2010)


Band uniform consists of the following:

  • Scout Shirt or Guide Blouse*

  • Scout Smart Trousers or Navy Trousers*

  • Belt Buckle with Hook*

  • White Belt with 2 White Loops*

  • Khaki Scarf with White Edging

  • Pair of White Gloves*

  • Band Waterproof Jacket*

  • Black Socks

  • Black Shoes

  • Blue Suit Bag*

  • * These items are issued on loan and are for band related events only.

When band members wear full uniform it is expected to be clean and smart. This should include trousers and shirts/blouses having been pressed with creases down trousers and sleeves, clean white belts and gloves and buckles polished. Shoes should be polished and should include around the edge of the soles and back of the heels.

Please note that band scarves and woggles will be issued as and when required and will be expected to be returned at the end of each event. This means that the scarves will be folded to the same pattern and therefore help with the overall presentation/image of the band as a whole.

Band uniform is issued by Gill Gostling. If you have any queries regarding the uniform please contact Gill by using the 'contact us' button at the top of this page . If at any stage the next size of any item is required please let Gill know sooner rather than later, in case the item is not in stock and has to be ordered.

Band uniform is issued in a blue suit bag with the members name on it. Please keep all of the uniform together in this bag. When members leave the band they will be required to return the bag along with the complete uniform.

Music Badges

The music badge is a staged activity badge and there are 5 stages (1-5). This means that band members can gain whichever badge is appropriate to the level they have reached. Please click on the link to see the requirements of each stage: Music Badges

Please note - Band members should always wear only the highest of the staged badges that they have gained on their normal section uniform and NOT on their band uniform.