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  • Scouts take part in District Day Hike

    This years District Scout Day Hike took place around Godalming on Saturday 14th March.


    22 teams entered from 8 different troops. 10 of the teams were competitive (no adults) and the other 12 teams were training teams and had at least one adult. The route was about 10 miles long and as well as visiting 4 different checkpoints the scouts had to answer a series of questions along the route. It was a close competition in both events and congratulations go to 1st Molesey Scout Troop who came first in both competitions. See full results below.


    Thanks go to the Claygate Scout Active Support Unit for organising the event and the leaders from other groups who helped run the checkpoints. Thanks also to 1st Busbridge Scout Group for the use of their headquarters.   


    To see photos from the hike please click here


           Competitive Teams                                             

    1st    1st Molesey 'A'  570                                 

    2nd    1st Brookwood 'A'  557                           

    3rd    1st Brookwood 'C'  551                            

    4th    1st Hinchley Wood 'B'   550                     

    5th    The Dittons 'B'  548                                   

    6th    The Dittons 'A'  539                                   

    7th    3rd Molesey 'A'  501                                  

    8th    1st Hinchley Wood 'A'  479                      

    9th    1st Claygate 'A'  370                                 

    10th  1st Brookwood 'B'  298         


             Training Teams     

    1st    1st Molesey 'B'  580                       

    2nd   1st Claygate 'C'  570

    2nd   The Dittons 'C'  570 

    2nd   1st Cobham  570

    5th   1st Molesey 'E'  569

    6th   1st Molesey 'D'  568

    6th   2nd Molesey 'A'  568

    8th   1st Hinchley Wood 'C'  555

    9th   3rd Molesey 'B'  554

    10th 1st Claygate 'B'  549 

    11th 1st Molesey 'C'  545

    12th 1st Brookwood 'D'  440


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