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FRIENDS OF 1st CLAYGATE is a collection of past, and present members, parents and other interested individuals who wish to support 1st Claygate Scout Group.
They do so in a variety of ways; by attending fundraising or social events; by offering financial support, by seeking to help out with activities or training of youngsters; and others who simply cannot find the time to help out in a pro-active way or may have moved away from Claygate but who wish to keep in touch with the Group.
By joining FRIENDS OF 1st CLAYGATE we will keep you in touch with what is currently going on in the Group. We will do this by:

Writing to you every quarter to:

Provide you with important information about what is going on behind the scenes in the Group

Give you regular calendar events

Provide you with a newsletter covering the Group's current activities

Take a walk down memory lane by bringing the past events of yesteryear back to life

Enrol you in the FRIENDS OF 1st CLAYGATE Lottery with quarterly prizes of 100 and 50


We have superb facilities at our Oaken Lane Scout Centre from which we can provide help and development opportunities to the young people of Claygate. Your support and involvement is welcomed.

What will it cost you?

5 per quarter by standing order. Any profit made will go directly towards purchasing equipment or maintaining the facilities of the Group. Existing members of the 100 Club will automatically be transferred to the new scheme at existing rates.

You could win 400

If you join you will be automatically enrolled in the FRIENDS OF 1st CLAYGATE  Lottery. There will be a quarterly prizes of 100 and 50. The draw will be made quarterly at a meeting of the Group Executive or an event held by the Group. Each Draw will be witnessed by an independent individual. The result of each draw will be publicised in the Group Newsletter and displayed on the notice board at the Scout Centre.

Why should I join FRIENDS OF 1st CLAYGATE

1st Claygate Scout Group is one of the oldest and most successful Groups in the country. It continues to provide an enormous range of activities for the benefit of young people in Claygate. In doing so, we need your support in order that we can continue to provide the facilities and equipment needed for our adventurous youth programme.
We would also like to provide you with the opportunity to participate in the many social (non-scouting) activities undertaken by the Group which provide fun and entertainment for all ages.