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Explorers in the news (Last updated: 17 February, 2017)

Survival Weekend 2016

On the weekend of 1st -2nd October we had some Explorers on a Survival Weekend. While the main part was at the Scout Hut we did some wild Camping on Esher Common.

The Explorers Plucked and gutted some Turkeys and pigeons. We turned the Turkeys into a turkey Stew, which we cooked on the fire. We also made some fruit tarts also cooked on the fire.

After our hearty meal we left the Scout Hut Grounds and went to Esher common to sleep the night, in the open.

In the morning we headed back to the Hut and after a bacon Sandwich we did some wood whittling making wooded spoons.

The pigeons we roasted in the camp ovens and we had that for lunch with some homemade bread.

Although we had some rain we had a great time, before the Going up ceremony.